Free radicals are believed to be one of the factors responsible for precipitating cancer and Cigarette smoke has a bountiful of Free radicals. Therefore there was not much surprise in the scientific communities when it was reported that a recent study unearthed a link between Smoking and breast cancer.

A new study shows that young women who smoke may be more likely to develop breast cancer.

The study was conducted on women between 20 and 44 years who smoked one pack of cigarettes daily for more than 10 years. It was found that such women were more likely to develop estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.

The study was conducted by Dr Li in the Greater Seattle area on women who were diagnosed with breast cancer between 2004 and 2010. Among those 778 were diagnosed with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, and 182 were diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer.  In addition, information from 938 cancer-free women was included as well.

The study revealed that women who smoked had a 30% more chance of developing any type of breast cancer. The study also revealed that recent or current smokers who had smoked for at least 15 years were 50 percent more likely to have estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.  Those women who smoked one pack of cigarettes daily had a 60% more likelihood of having estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.

Dr. Christopher Li, the study’s lead author states, “I think there is a growing appreciation that breast cancer is not just one disease and there are many different subtypes.  In this study, we were able to look at the different molecular subtypes and how smoking affects them. There are so many different chemicals in cigarette smoke that can have so many kinds of effects. I think that there is growing evidence that breast cancer is another health hazard associated with smoking,” states.  His study was published in the journal Cancer.

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  1. xbj

    Wow. I’ve only been saying this for FORTY YEARS. Carcinogens from smoking are stored THROUGHOUT the body, and in children exposed to parents’ smoking. Prostate, pancreas, liver, colon, blood, brain, rectal, and bone. Cancer study comparisons need to made between not just nonsmokers and smokers, but smokers and people who were never ever exposed to environmental smoke.

  2. David Howes

    It amazes me that these things are considered legal in the US. How much money must we spend on the “War on Tobacco”, when we could just make them ILLEGAL? Sorry, I forgot about the tobacco lobbyists, “donating” billions to whatever political fund will allow them to legally kill people every year. Apologies.


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