Northwestern College Feinberg Institute of Drug – In typical cancer cell biopsy, cosmetic biopsy could soon become a thing of the past. Thanks to research in the field of medicine, a new technique of blood biopsy has been discovered. If the new method becomes a reality, cosmetic surgeons will no longer need to cut a section of the patent’s growth to carry out routine check.


Many patients, who are affected by malignancy, do not like the idea of conventional biopsy. If everything falls in place with liquid biopsy, such people can heave a sigh of relief. Liquid biopsy is being regarded on par with the current techniques. The technique of extracting blood has been used in the diagnosis of many illness and diseases.

One of the latest additions where it might be put to use very soon is in detection of malignant cells in the blood stream. This blood test will be aimed at locating traces of DNA that could contain malignant cells in the individual’s blood stream.

This innovative technique has simplified the way diagnosis is carried out. During the entire course of treatment, liquid biopsy when performed at regular intervals, will help in studying the effectiveness and impact of the treatment.

“This could change forever the way we follow up not only response to treatments but also the emergence of resistance,” the researchers explain.

“Every cancer has a mutation that can be followed with this system,” said Dr. David Hyman, an oncologist at Sloan Kettering. “I’m thankful for U of M and to have been here, all of the wonderful research and all of the wonderful practitioners and providers,” said Mitchell. Doctors could get carried away assuming that a tumor is still present when, in fact, it could have disappeared. “Because of the talent like we have at the University of Michigan, we are going to kill this disease and make sure it stops killing people, God willing, within the lifetime of many of you in this room,” she said. “There is no visible cancer there”.

However, researchers caution that this technique of testing is still in its initial stage and it has to be developed.

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