The heart is one of the most powerful muscles in our body, which works constantly from the birth till death. No other muscle in the body can claim to be as powerful as the heart. Even the Uterine muscles which could boast that it is as powerful as the heart muscle pales in comparison to the heart.

If the heart is prime and fit every other system of our body works with efficiency. However modern day life style which tends to be lethargic and stressful makes a majority of the population vulnerable to heart ailments.

To know exactly how much a person’s heart is at risk of getting any heart ailment in future, Doctors in UK have devised a new calculation tool which is named JBS3. Leading cardiologists in the country say that the new calculator can inform the patient the true age of their heart and also warn them of any lifetime risks of heart attack or stroke. This will help the person to preempt any such cardiac catastrophe in future by taking suitable precautionary means.

The JBS3 has been created after taking into consideration all the lifestyle risk factor and the family history. It includes bad habits like smoking, drinking and health conditions like hypertension and diabetes. In the past Doctors focused on short term risks covering a span of 10 years. This has been deemed as too short by experts.

After careful evaluation of different factors collected from the subject, the doctor will use the JBS3 test to deduce the true heart age as well as the expected life span of the subject. It will also give the years the subject will gain if he or she started taking preventive measures. The JBS3 is slated to be used by the National Health Service (NHS) Health Check Program in England. The program basically focuses on  adults between the age of 40 to 74. The tool has gained popularity across a wide spectrum of Doctors who use the tool to assess the risks of heart events of their patients. The calculator will also encourage persons to improve their health without resorting to medicines.

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