New York (NY): Much to the concern of scientists and the people of New York, it is expected that by the year 2100, there could a 6 feet rise in sea level and would radically change the map of New York. The findings were the result of a study conducted by the New York City Panel on Climate change. Much unsettling news awaits further as a result of greenhouse gas emissions, one of which is that by the end of 2099, the mean annual temperature could become as high as 66 degrees as well.

However, it is expected that the changes shall be gradual. By 2050, the rise could be in the level of 11 to 21 inches, by the time of 2080, the rise could increase to 18 to 39 inches and the worst awaits for 2100, when the rise could get as high as 72 inches, or 6 feet exactly.

However, this isn’t the first time such a warning has been released by the researchers. According to the New York City Panel, the high dependence of fossil fuels has led to a dramatic increase in greenhouse gas levels and have been directly related to the melting of the polar ice caps.

The observations were made since 1900, and according to researchers, the average rise in sea level per decade could be as high as 1.2 inches, which is almost twice the global value. It is also expected that within 35 years, dramatic changes in climate of geographical locations such as Queens, Brooklyn and the state island coastal areas could be observed. These changes would be accompanied by massive hurricanes bringing in floods as well. Queens however, is expected to loose much of its land to water.

Also, while the study was more focused on the environmental changes within the borders of NYC, similar fate could be shared by cities such as Florida, San Francisco and Boston. The complete report could be found in

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  1. Blase

    The shrieks of impending disaster grow shriller as the fraud unravels.

  2. William Forbes

    I used to own a nice house in a coastal area. Whenever there was a full moon, the high tide water would be in my backyard. After a few years, it was there on a regular high tide and I wisely sold to a guy that loved the water. I now live where you don’t need flood insurance and I’m happy to visit the coast at my leisure.

  3. Jarlsbane

    2100?! That’s too long to wait! Is there anything we can do to speed that up?

  4. TrscoopFO

    Is this the same climate change panel that predicted the ice caps would be completely melted by 2002 and that everything north of Mexico would be a mile under a global-cooling glacier by 1990?

    NEHA GUPTA: proud graduate of the Walter Duranty school of journalism.

  5. MrHinkyDink

    like George Carlin used to say, ‘it’s all bullshit”. I’ve been alive 55 years, and the tides at the beach I went to as a kid is are at the exact same spot. This claim is totally without merit.

    • TrscoopFO

      How dare you use your ability to think critically and look skeptically at what aristocratic totalitarian elites tell you to believe! You’re supposed to believe and obey mindlessly. The ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center will reclassify your speech as anitisemitic, racist, x-phobic, inciteful and ban it in the name of tolerance.

      • Jason

        Can you give me a example of someone being ban from speaking? Just the fact that we state our options out in the open on forums, BB services, on the radio waves, on the tv…would indicate that its exactly the opposite of what you indicating. Freedom of speech is alive and well, as will probably be apparent with your reply.

  6. Harry

    So why does the graphic show the Statue of Liberty in what looks like 100+ feet of water with ice? For it to be that deep, all the ice would have melted by then.

  7. Leland Ivy

    The weather scientists got the weather wrong today by a factor of 3x in my 22903 zip code. This morning’s forecast was for 3″ of snow but we got 9″. So you think they can predict weather 85 years out. Right! Are people really just this stupid. First it was global warming, now its climate change. What’s next partial sunshine?

  8. Angusomy

    Or……nothing at all will change, they just want to scare you for the heck of it

  9. KWMerican

    “New York to be engulfed in ocean water by the year 2100”

    How is this bad? Any way to speed it up?

    • TrscoopFO

      Yes. That would be bad. Good would be the garbage state, upstate Westchester, and Rockland, plus massholechusettes and the rest of New England. Down to and including DC would be beneficial to wash away the parasitic tyrannical class.

  10. mememine

    Here is proof you “believers” are fear mongers not planet lovers;

    -you tell kids science doesn’t have to say “proven” but no CO2 scientist ever said it. You lied.

    -it’s been 34 years of not enough climate action to save the planet otherwise science wouldn’t be saying it “could be” too late. The people of the planet have spoken.

    -not one IPCC warning “believes” beyond “could be” nor says; “will be” the end of days but you fear mongers never tell children that.

    -after 34 years of not enough climate action to save the planet it only proves that science couldn’t prove it themselves and not enough to make us all “believe” we were doomed to the greenhouse gas ovens. Even Bush didn’t fear monger this much.

    -not wanting science to say “proven” is war crime level fear mongering for the history books.

    Deny that.


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