The new USB Type C, which is due 2015, will support not only the data transfer at high speeds but will also work as a DisplayPort supporting resolutions upto 4K. The next generation USB Type-C is no just an upgrade in the USB technology, but a significant change in the design and performance. The USB Type -C can simultaneously handle the data transfers upto 10 Gigabits per second and 4K video signals, and it can handle the power upto 100 watt.


The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced on Monday that they are working with the USB 3.0 Promoter Group to create a DisplayPort alternative for the Type-C standards. The news that has arrived now is after when the specifications of the device were finalized this year in the month of August.

“VESA utilized the Alternate Mode functional extension of the USB Type-C specification in the development of this new Standard,” VESA’s press release explained. “The DisplayPort Alt Mode repurposes some or all of the four existing SuperSpeed USB lanes to deliver full DisplayPort performance and uses other signaling available in the USB Type-C connector for DisplayPort’s AUX channel and HPD (Hot Plug Detection) function.”

“DisplayPort has played a vital role in advancing display performance and connectivity for platforms that are increasingly integrated and compact,” said Craig Wiley, Senior Director of Marketing at Parade Technologies, VESA Board member, and VESA Marketing Task Group Chair.

“A USB Type-C connector and cable can deliver full DisplayPort audio/video performance, driving monitor resolutions of 4K and beyond, SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.1) data, and up to 100 watts of power-over a single cable,” VESA announced Monday.

This next-gen version of the USB connector has changed the way we connect a traditional USB device. The USB Type-C that is due for the year 2015 will feature a design that can connect via either of the sides. Days are gone when you have to look for which side the USB will go inside.

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