Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister of Britain, wants to end suicide among people with mental illnesses. He is seeking “zero suicides” in the country, a target that he is hopeful would be achieved given the trials that have already done and examples elsewhere in the world. The latest data show that more than 4,000 people with mental health problems took away their lives in 2013, with most of them being men.

According to Clegg, NHS trusts can help prevent suicides by improving health care for the people suffering from serious illnesses and depression. Measures such as keeping in touch with the people discharged from mental health facilities can also help prevent suicides. Additionally, the deputy PM also believes that creating the environment where people know whom to contact when a patient is in danger of committing suicide can also support “zero suicides” target.

Most suicides occur in places such as bridges and shopping centers. Clegg believes that police can help with putting measures in suicide “hot spots” to prevent deaths.

Detroit case cited

In Detroit, U.S., an effort to prevent suicide among mental health patients has already made remarkable achievements. In just two years, Detroit was able to record “zero suicide”. The development has inspired Britons and Clegg seems to be leading the way from the front.

The program aimed at preventing suicide in Britain has already been tried in a number of health authorities in the country. Clegg is now pushing to have the program rolled out nationwide.

In 2013, some 4,700 people with mental health challenges committed suicide, with 78% of them being men.

Right from schools

While Clegg seems to be targeting war on suicide right from where patients are discharged from mental health facilities, Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has a different approach. Miliband is setting out to tackle the problem right from schools, specifically among school children. He is set to release a plan in which all teachers will be trained on how to identify children with mental health problems. After the teacher training, every school should have therapists on site. Perhaps such efforts would also help prevent suicide among mental health patients.

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  1. Deana Bossio

    Recognizing the symptoms of suicidal thoughts is essential. Understanding the direct correlation between mental health drug-induced suicide is crucial. Mental health drugs cause a detachment from feelings and emotions, delusional thinking, hallucinatory thoughts AND suicide and murder ideations. “Mental illness” is a series of symptoms that are emotionally and physically based. You won’t have success treating the mind without addressing the body and vice versa. Boys and men are far more prone to suicide when on mental health drugs. Just ask all of the murderers who were in a mental health drug-induced state at the time they committed murder and/or suicide. Mental health drugs are a dangerous game of Russian Roulette, not a matter of if but when they will kill themselves and/or others.


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