Nigel Richards has just released Mass Profit Formula on to the internet. This unique piece of software is paving the way for average day people to make money online.

But what is Mass Profit Formula?

Mass Profit Formula consists of two pieces of software one for Plimus and the other for Clickbank. These pieces of software are designed to analyze the market places of each of the networks and give up to date statistics on the hot products.

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The idea behind the software is the when you know which is the hottest products (meaning the ones already selling) that you will be able to capitalize on the momentum and and develop a website that will be profitable.

Does the Software Work?

Yes, no matter if you are looking to use either Plimus or Clickbank for your affiliate commissions. You will be able to find the hottest products on either market place.

One you find the product you can run it through the analyze section of the software and determine the SEO, demographics and monthly traffic this product gets. Armed with the information and you should be able to build a website and campaign (following their instructions) and make some money.

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The course comes with 6 training modules. Each module is focused on different aspects of the money making process.

Module 1: Introduction to MPF, Overview on: how to setup an affiliate site and domain name secrets

Module 2: Installation of MPF Plimus Software

Module 3: Installation of MPF Clickbank Software

Module 4: Details on how to setup your Affiliate Sites

Module 5: SEO training, using Google to send massive amounts of free traffic to your website

Module 6: Conclusion and how to get your first site up and running. Than rinse and repeat.


Is this software right for everyone, probably not. But if you are looking to get involved with affiliate marketing and want to take advantage of some great software that will find you profitable products that are selling now. Than this is the course for you. No longer do you have to find a niche, find the keywords, build a site and than hope you find a product that will sell once you get traffic to the site. MPF first finds you the products that are selling, shows you the SEO (profitable keywords being used right now) and how much traffic is being generated. All you have to do is use this data, follow their plan and build a site that will be designed to grab that organic traffic and in the end make you money.

Nigel has indicated that he will only be offering MPF at a discounted price for a short period of time, this course is one that you should grab before he either raises the price or takes the offer down completely.

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