In a recent report, Nike has fired most of its Nike FuelBand team. The team, which was composed of more than 70 employees, is now only left with few members and the action would probably end the production of the Nike FuelBand, so if you are an Nike FuelBand owner, possibilities are such that you won’t see any other version coming out.

Someone at the said, “The douchebag execs at Nike are going to lay off a bunch of the eng team who developed The FuelBand, and other Nike+ stuff. Mostly because the execs committed gross negligence, wasted tons of money, and didn’t know what they were doing”

For any reason if you have been living in dark, Nike FuelBand is a wrist wearable compatible with the Apple iPhone and iPods. The device has been especially tailored to track number of steps taken, calories burnt and much more. The Nike FuelBand is complete health tracker coming exclusively for the Apple iDevices and if we believe in reports, Apple was also rumored to partner with the Nike for its upcoming line of Apple wearables. But for now we can conclude that the Cupertino giant will now shake hands with other companies or will manufacture them itself.  Apple is rumored to introduce a wearable running iOS later this year which will be capable of doing things an iPhone can. The wearable would be having the advance capabilities such as a receiving a call or making one and after being connected to an iPhone, the wearable would also provide the voice assistant with the SIRI.

Though Nike has denied to halt the production of the Nike Fuelbands. Nike spokesman Brian Strong in an email said, “As a fast-paced, global business we continually align resources with business priorities, As our Digital Sport priorities evolve, we expect to make changes within the team, and there will be a small number of layoffs. We do not comment on individual employment matters.”

He also included that, “”The Nike+ FuelBand SE remains an important part of our business. We will continue to improve the Nike+ FuelBand App, launch new METALUXE colors, and we will sell and support the Nike+ FuelBand SE for the foreseeable future.”

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  1. Jo diddly

    Chauffeur is a nike exec apparently — dooshbag. And when did chimps learn to type?

  2. Chauffeur

    Jamie, you apparently have trouble speaking English. Why would you want to be an English journalist?


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