A recent report from IBM suggests that iOS users have spent more on Thanksgiving Day deals compared to those using Android devices. According to IBM’s findings, 20 percent of the Thanksgiving Day deals were done from iOS devices compared to 5.6 percent for Android smartphones. IBM data additionally reported 25 percent of Black Friday sale generation from iOS devices compared to 6.9 percent from Android devices.

“Apple has a strong hold on online shopping. iPhone and iPad buyers tend to be slightly more affluent and more comfortable with technology,” said Jay Henderson, director of IBM Smarter Commerce.”

Not just IBM, but Adobe has also got the similar results in their findings. In a recent report, company stated – “iOS users drove four times as much mobile sales revenue as Android users, 79 and 21 percent respectively.”

These reports indicate that the average amount Apple users spending was higher at $118.5 compared to $95.2 for Android users on Thanksgiving Day. Throughout the Black Friday sale, Apple users spent $127.3 on an average compared to $101.8 from Android users.

As far as a piece of the overall industry, Android is path in front of Apple on a worldwide scale with 82 percent piece of the overall industry. In the US market, Apple represents 42 percent offer contrasted with 52 percent for Android.

Importantly, desktop users spent average $132.48 per deal and helped 47.6 of overall online movement. This information will be a huge help for Apple with more publicists wanting to invest in iOS ecosystems.


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