Canberra, Australia –“Parents who fail to present their children for vaccination risk being stripped off the welfare benefits under the new “no jab, no pay” policy that is expected to commence in January 2016.” This was announced and clarified by the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The policy has received huge back up from the advocacy groups and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, who termed this step as sensible enough. It expected that it will close a legislative loophole and those who refuse to vaccinate their children will be not be allowed to access close to $15,000 a year.


However, Tony acknowledges that there are those who have received childcare even though their children are not immunized. It could be as a result of philosophical or religious objection to vaccines but the rules on this will also be substantially tightened.

As such only a small number will be exempted on the basis of religion or health. Abbott said while stressing on the importance of keeping our children and families as safe as possible. “My government is very concerned about the risks exposed to unvaccinated children and families.” He said.

Never the less, even with all that concern from the government, there is a group against anti-vaccinators that is against the vaccinations. They are not in support of the compulsory vaccinations.

“High-quality early life education and Access to immunization are some of the basic human rights. Access to healthcare is essential to every child as their parents will in return be able to work and provide for them. Hence, one none should be driven by the other.”

This was said on a Facebook post as the group urged the Federal Government to reconsider its proposal.

Normally, the Australian vaccination rates for children aged one to five years usually hit 90%. However, according to the government 39,000 children aged under seven were not vaccinated as a result of the parent’s objections.

The policy is said to have been drafted amid rising concerns of whooping cough and fears of other disease outbreaks.

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