Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell got the approval from shareholders for his $25 billion offer to buy and take the company private. He said that the company is focused on their customers and create end-to-end solutions.

Dell gave out five strategic areas of focus for the company, which is increasing sales capacity, improving enterprise solutions, focusing more on emerging markets, cloud client computing in PCs and tablets, and investing to enhance the customer experience. He added the company is changing their focus from a quarterly one to a longer term in order to serve their customers better.

Dell estimated that the company is part of a $3 trillion industry that Dell has around 2 percent share. He added that not a single company has a 4 percent of 5 percent market share because the industry is dispersed. He predicted that the computing space will become a $6 trillion industry in the coming years.

One of the trends in the market is for clients to develop their own private cloud systems. New tech companies need servers, storage, and infrastructure capabilities that Dell hopes to provide. The CEO also said that the company will not go into the mobile phone business and will instead try to be a re-seller of phones made by other companies. He maintained that Dell will not participate in tablets and other client devices.

Dell said that the company’s core products, leadership position and scale will give it the advantage within the industry. He said that the company has a growing scale and it would be a different company compared to what it was five years ago.

Dell and activist investor Carl Icahn had engaged in a public battle over the control of Dell the company. The CEO said that it has created some distraction but pointed out that some areas of the business grew over that period.

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