Nokia who had ruled the roost once but collapsed in the wake of arrival of new players who brought new ideas and was buried under Apple iPhone and Google Android smartphones. However it is not curtains and Nokia is reportedly looking to once again jump into the consumer cell phone market. There are reports that its Nokia Technologies division is developing a new phone design that the company will license.

Nokia Contemplating Returning To Consumer Phone Market, Report Claims

Nokia Technologies division is thick into making new phones that may see the light of day as soon as 2016.Nokia’s return will not be anything groundbreaking like the past and it is banking on a new path to success.

Once the world’s largest handset maker by volume, a crown which it held close to 10 years, its Symbian OS was the aficionado for many outside US. Its Series 40 feature phone platform was very popular in markets where volume sales were needed. iPhone came in 2007 and it pulled the rug under Nokia’s feet. Arrival of Android platform further eroded Nokia’s hold in the handset market culminating with the

Nokia is down but not out and is planning a comeback if a report in Re/Code is true. Last year Nokia Technologies lab had created the N1 Tablet and it is this unit which has been tasked with projects which will help Nokia re-enter the phone market sometime in 2016.

Nokia Technologies is the lesser of Nokia’s three business units, which includes its networking and HERE Maps businesses. A prior agreement with Microsoft forbids Nokia from entering the phone business until January 2016.It is also not allowed to license out the Nokia brand for handsets until the third quarter of 2016.

Nokia has already sold its manufacturing facilities to Microsoft and no longer has the capacity to make handsets. Therefore it plans to design new devices and then license it to other companies. This will help Nokia shield itself from the risks involved with manufacturing its own hardware.

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