It was puny sized David attracting the attention of Goliath; North Korea firing a series of short range Soviet era Scud missiles to show its displeasure at the U.S.-South Korean military drills. However experts feel that it will not spiral into a major crisis.

North Korea fired four projectiles with a range of 200 + kilometers and it landed off its eastern coasts. Experts opine that it could be Scud missiles after analyzing its speed and trajectory. North Korea also fired four other short range KN-02 missiles which is said to have a range of about 100 Kilometers.

Though South Korea does not react to missile launches of shorter ranges, this time it is different and the Scud missiles can be termed as a threat because of its longer range which makes the entire South Korea under its strike range. North Korea has not launched its Scud missiles since 2009.There are no indications that North Korea is preparing for further launches.

The latest sabre rattling is believed to be a way to show the world and the US, its displeasure at the Korea-U.S. military drills that began Monday. Experts however are unanimous that it won’t be a lead up to a spike in tension.

Analyst Cheong Seong-jang said, “The launches were a test designed to improve its missile capability and also an armed protest against the drills. But we already know (they have Scud missiles) … We also have such a level of missiles. The launches didn’t have special meaning.”

On the other hand its only major ally, China, offered a muted reaction when its Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said during a regular briefing, “We hope that all relevant parties should commit to moving the situation on the Korean Peninsula toward relaxation of tensions”

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