NVIDIA has announced an exciting new update in the Shield Tablet this week. The update almost doubles the specifications under the hood, however, keeping the price almost same like the previous generation models. NVIDIA has bumped the memory from 16 GB to 32 GB, and its now faster than ever with the new LTE support. The support comes at an additional price of $100, which isn’t a bad deal at all. The new updated Shield Tablet is priced at $399 and $299 with an AT&T contract.

This completely re-designed tablet from NVIDIA has changed the way Android games are being played. As the era changes, the hand-held PlayStation devices are no longer able to provide performance of this much level. NVIDIA alone was able to put together its innovation into one tablet; that is faster, efficient and provides a better user experience. It is without a doubt that the NVIDIA chips are best in gaming, and when equipped with this tablet, the user experience is out this world.

Larger screen size and better resolution puts the Shield Tablet stand out of the crowd. No one wants to play games on the small screens of old hand held devices. However, when equipped with a game controller, the user experience provided by the NVIDIA Shield is unmatched.

The support for LTE brings more advantages to the user. Not only it is a gaming tablet, it also comes loaded with all the features a user would expect from a gaming tablet. As it is running on Android, the tablet can serve the modern needs such launching different, checking email and whatsoever.

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    Why is there a picture of the Nvidia Shield Portable for an article about the Nvidia Shield Tablet?


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