New York – Animal Care and Control of New York has been criticized heavily for administering unsafe drugs to New York City’s stray and unwanted animals. These stray animals are subject to poor living conditions and are also subject to improperly stored vaccines. This was clearly outlined in an audit released by the comptroller’s office.


Comptroller, Scott Stringer, harshly rebuked the nonprofit organization whose contract with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is 5years with a budget of $51.9 million.

While explaining and expounding the group’s irresponsibility, Stringer stated, “expired and unaccounted for drugs have been found plus vaccines stored next to frozen remains.”

“AC&C is failing in the way it’s treating our most vulnerable creatures which give a reflection of our decency as a society. The health of these animals has repeatedly been put at risk because of the overcrowded shelter.”

At a news conference and before dozens of animal rights’ advocates, Mr. Stringer categorically stated that AC&C has been running an operation that could make your skin crawl. For a period of time, the organization has been under scrutiny from the comptroller’s office and what was found can only be referred to a disaster in waiting.

A scathing account of the organization’s practices that documented various instances of animal maltreatment had been issued in 2002 by William C. Thompson, Jr, who was comptroller at then.

Every year AC&C takes in more than 30,000 animals with more than 1,000 being returned to the owners and 21,000 of the abandoned being adopted out. New York’s lawyer Pamela Goldsmith, the founder of Big Hands Little Paws, has been rescuing animals for years while meeting the veterinary costs on her own.
AC&C spokeswoman, Alexandra Silver has since met with members of Mr. Stringer’s office and has begun implementing some of the recommendations listed in the report after the audit. “We will continue to hang on to our policies and procedures while ensuring optimum care for our animals,” said Ms. Silver.

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