Impeached while in his second term and then having quadruple bypass along with heart complications, has not slowed down former President Bill Clinton. He is proving he still has great political force.

Clinton has been barnstorming the battlegrounds during 2012 for current President Obama. This week he is holding 13 different events, in seven different states, in a four day period. He is running up what already has been, by the majority of accounts, an unprecedented period of time on the campaign trail for an ex-president.

Clinton is headlining rallies in Wisconsin and Akron and Chillicothe, Ohio today. He has also been in Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa and Colorado this week and has attracted huge crowds of thousands at each stop.

Clinton told people they just had to make a decision. He said Obama’s plan for the economy is better, his plan for the budget is better, his education plan is superior, the healthcare plan for him is better and his plan for bringing America back together is much better. Clinton finished by saying because of all that he was standing up for Obama.

The campaign to reelect Obama feels the endorsement by Clinton and his credibility amongst voters over the economy will help counter the widespread dissatisfaction many have with the current state of the economy.

Over 54% of people in the U.S. said they thought the U.S. was not on the right track, in the latest poll by CBS News conducted on October 25-28.

Clinton stressed that Obama has it right by investing in the country’s middle class, innovation and education and lowering the debt by using spending restraints by asking those who are wealthier to pay a bit more.


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