Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney told some of his donors on a conference call Wednesday that last week’s election was won by President Obama because he gave a load of stuff to African Americans, Hispanics and young voters. Romney said because Obama gave gifts to these groups during his first term in office that he was able to secure their vote for him to win reelection.

Romney claimed that he lost last week’s election to Obama partly because of Obama’s strategy of giving gifts to the three groups of voters who were most influential in the results of last week’s presidential election: African American, Hispanics and young voters.

In a telephone call with hundreds of his supporters Romney said because of the gifts they received, these three groups were motivated to get up, get out and vote.

Romney’s analysis echoed what was taped secretly in May at one of his fundraisers where he told supporters that close to 47% of the U.S. electorate would not vote for him since they were not having to pay taxes and were dependent upon help from the federal government. His running mate, Paul Ryan made the assertion that Obama’s victory was thanks to the urban voter.

In his call on Wednesday, Romney said young voters were motivated to vote for Obama because of loan interest that was forgiven on loans for college, the extended health coverage they received until age 26 on their parents coverage and free coverage given them for contraception.

Romney said Obama promised healthcare coverage to everyone and that helped motivate support from African Americans and Obama’s executive order stopping the deportation of young undocumented immigrants helped him win the Hispanic vote.



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