The Global Ocean Commission recently released a report which implies that the world’s oceans are being destroyed. This is not happening because of  natural forces or random events, but it is happening because of human interference and pollution.

“Our ocean is in decline. Habitat destruction, biodiversity loss, overfishing, pollution, climate change and ocean acidification are pushing the ocean system to the point of collapse,” researchers wrote in the report.

Part of the reason why there is so much damage being done to our oceans is because of technological advances. New and better ways of fishing makes it easier for people to wipe out populations of fish, essentially destroying delicate ecosystems by making them unbalanced.

Not only that, but pollution from these technologies is also causing issues. Huge amounts of garbage, fuel, and plastic are being dumped into oceans, and it is killing off entire species. It also lays waste to many types of vegetation, which can lead to food shortages.

The report is urging governments all across the world to create more laws to protect the oceans.

“There are clear economic incentives for both the public and private sectors to take their responsibilities in the high seas more seriously,” the report says.

The report then outlines how governments and companies could help fix the problems. This includes the UN stepping in to create new rules, and governments coming in to better enforce those rules. A big part of the issue is that certain areas that are off limits are not being protected properly, the report indicates.

The Global Ocean Commission’s report has total of eight proposals, which, if implemented, should help the world’s oceans thrive and survive longer.

To read the full report, check out The Global Ocean Commission’s PDF document here.

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