Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are planning on adding virtual reality support to future versions of their respective internet browsers. This would enable users to use an Oculus Rift headset to surf the web, allowing them to have a more immersive internet experience.

This could prove to be useful for internet shoppers, gamers, and social media addicts.

“In the case of a piece of clothing you could see it on a virtual mannequin, walk around it, lean in and examine the stitching, and so on as if it were actually sitting right in front of you,” wrote Google’s Brandon Jones. “You could also imagine similar experiences with educational tools, data visualization, mapping, and so on.”

Already, support for virtual reality devices, like the Oculus Rift, has been added to Google’s Chromium, which is an early build of Google Chrome. Although it could be a while until it actually comes to Chrome, people can check out the source codes to Chromium here. There are also some demos people can try out right here, as long as they own an Oculus Rift or another VR device.

Firefox is also in the early stages of virtual support. Mozilla’s Vladimir Vukićević wrote about some of the advancements Mozilla has been making on its virtual reality support for Firefox.

“The opportunity for VR on the Web is particularly exciting,” says Vukićević. “The Web is a vibrant, connected universe where many different types of experiences can be created and shared. People can be productive, have fun and learn all from within their browser.”




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