Talking about the new virtual reality headset launched by the Oculus, company CEO, Brendan Iribe said that the device is solely for gaming purposes and will remain intact there.

Company recently announced a new virtual reality headset, called Crescent Bay. Crescent Bay prototype model is equipped with headphones, which can also be replaced by user’s headphones, and an advanced lens with 360-degree motion tracking. It is also lighter than ever, and houses improved specifications under the hood.

“For a very long time the heart and soul of what drives virtual reality is going to be a video game 3D engine,” Iribe told Games Industry International. “This is not a film, this is a 3D game engine inside. So even when it’s a medical simulation experience or it’s architecture or whatever it is, it is a 3D game engine running inside. That’s awesome, that is rooted in the game market.”

During Oculus launch event, Chief Technical Officer, John Carmack, laid emphasis on the importance of VR headsets and its evolution in the gaming industry and how it can be used in some other areas.

Carmac said, “Getting that multiuser experience is our most important user-visible feature,” he said. “It’s surprising that it hasn’t been done so far. As the basics mature, I expect more of that to be going on…When you see grandparents using iPads to look at pictures of their kids. It’s going to be the same with VR. Everyone in the world will find something to do with it.”

Carmac wants to blend the VR headsets into the lives of people around the world, that they use it most of the things, however, the main focus always is at its development in gaming.

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