The Android OS platform from Google can be termed as a real open source operating system since OEMs are allowed to make drastic changes and customize the platform as per their need. However Google is finally putting its foot down and is keeping stricter control over Android Wear as compared to its Android Software for smartphones. OEM who will be making goods for Android Wear will not be able to drastically customize its user interface.

Companies who will be making goods for Android Wear will be able to effect some minor changes in apps and services but will not be able to change the overall design of the software or the user interface. Some minor design changes will be allowed.

Google’s stance is not in line with its earlier stance where it allowed OEM to use its Android OS platform for smartphones. It gave free leverage to OEM to change the Android looks and works in a big way. The large degree of freedom to customize made the Android OS platform very popular and it flourished as Android skins and includes Samsung’s TouchWiz and HTC’s Sense. However   when Amazon introduced its Amazon Fire Phone, Google finally decided that enough is enough.

Android head Sundar Pichai washed hands off Amazon and said that Amazon could be using Android but Google and he does not consider them to represent the platform in its pure or true form. As such they cannot be termed as Android devices.

This will be great news for the lovers of the Vanilla version of the Android OS platform who were irritated by bloatware gobbling up much space and preventing them enjoying the pure Android experience.

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