In Light of all of the recent news and will OSU football program being reviewed by the NCAA, Head Coach Jim Tressel resigns.

This is going to be a huge blow to the OSU football program. With a record of 106-22 (64-14 in the big Ten) anyone looking to step in as the new head coach has huge shoes to fill. The expectations for the USU football program have always been huge, but under Tressel’s watch they have only grown. And any new coach will have to be able to not only clean up the program, as well as continue it on its winning ways.

Finding someone to take the job might not be as easy as it seems. With the looming possibility of NCAA sanctions, and new coach will have to have tough skin to take the job right now. With the season quickly approaching and the freshman class reporting in only a few weeks, OSU has their hands full trying to fill his spot quickly.

All in all this is a black spot for all of college football to have such a highly regarded program look for bad.