Mumps outbreak a year ago at Ohio State University’s Columbus campus spread so fast that it reached close to 500 people. This occurrence raised a concern over raising immunization rates within the state for protection purpose. Eventually, it necessitated the need for all incoming students at the University to undertake vaccinations for various communicable diseases the likes of measles.

Ohio State University

Ohio State has a rough estimate of 12,000 new students. This is according to a school spokesman who stated that all students will be required to produce their proof of vaccinations. In addition, the students will also be expected to undertake other vaccinations against Chicken Pox, rubella, polio and hepatitis B among other illnesses.

Vaccinations are meant to prevent or control indisposition in the event of an infection from a certain illness. Antigenic material used to stimulate one’s immune system is administered which in return triggers the immunity of pathogens.

The vaccination move is expected to kick start in August. “The student’s vaccination agenda will not only be seeking their protection but also that of the immediate community”. This was stated by Dr. William J. Martin II, the dean of students at Ohio State’s College of Public Health. William added that it is every university’s and college’s responsibility to ensure that their students an on point with these vaccinations.

The vaccination requirement will not apply to Ohio State University. Twenty – six other states will be required to carry out the same measures to their incoming students.

However, the students according to spokesman Gary Lewis will be allowed to pursue vaccination exemptions. These exemptions will be based on various factors which include religion, philosophicalas well as medical grounds.

The health commissioner, Dr. Teresa Long, has since embraced the decision by the Ohio State University and is calling on the other colleges and universities to step up their game and follow suit. However the University has made it clear that anyone who does not meet the requirements will not be allowed into the next class schedule.

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