A recent study at Ohio State University relating the food habits of a child and his academic scores establishes that consumption of fast food lowers his grades at school.

How Fast Food Affects Students

According to an article published on healthcentral.com, fast food tends to impact the academic performances in children inversely. The article is based on the findings of a study conducted at the Ohio State University. The study has been published in Clinical Pediatrics.

According to the results of the study, academic scores of students deteriorate if they eat fast food frequently. In fact, the study concludes that both these aspects are related proportionately. The study points the trend to be more significantly noticed in students of the fifth grade. If children studying in the fifth standard consume higher amounts of fast food, they show weak performances in math, science and reading tests by the time they are in the eighth grade.

About The Study

As many as 11,740 students collected from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Kindergarten Cohort formed part of the research. As part of the study, fifth-grade students were made to answer a survey on fast food consumption. It was found that over 70% of those participating consumed fast food at least once in the week before they took the questionnaire. Around 10% said that fast food was a part of their daily diet, and another 10% ate it somewhere between four to six times per week.

Those who said they consumed fast food four to six times per week scored 20% lower as compared with students who did not eat any fast food. The results were analyzed for subjects including math, reading, and science. Apart from this, those who ate fast food up to three times a week, performed poorly on only math in the eighth grade. The results were compared with those of students who ate no fast food.

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