Some cave paintings that are at least 40,000 years old have been found in Sulawesi, Indonesia, and the discovery of these cave paintings and their dating thereof is transforming the idea that earliest cave paintings must have started in Europe. In analyzing how most of the paintings were made on the cave, researchers found that the earliest humans must have pressed their hands on the walls of the cave walls and ceilings and then blow paints around the hands.

There are also drawn or painted figures of ancient animals that must have been found at that time around the Sulawesi island of Indonesia, and there are paintings of human figures as well. Researchers identified a dwarfed bovid among the paintings, and hoofed animals were also identified amongst the array on various cave walls and ceilings.

Dr. Maxime Aubert of the Griffith University of Queensland in Australia dated most of the paintings found in Maros in Souathern Sulawesi, and he opines that “the minimum age for the outline of the hand in one of the caves is 39,900 years old, which makes it the oldest hand stencil in the world. Next to it is a pig that has a minimum age of 35,400 years old, and this is one of the oldest figurative depictions in the world, if not the oldest one.”

Some other cave paintings found in Bone, a regency 100 km north of Maros cannot be immediately dated due to the fact that the stalactite-like growths used to determine their ages are not there – they do not occur. However, some of those found in Sulawesi have been dated to be 27,000 years old and others even as early as 13,000 years old. Although the earliest evidence of ancient cave paintings had been found in Spain and France, and had encouraged many researchers to believe that such art paintings started in Europe, this view is now being challenged with other discoveries in other parts of the world, like the Sulawesi finding.

According to Prof. Chris Stringer, Natural History Museum, London, “it’s a really important find. It enables us to get away from this Eurocentric view of a creative explosion that was special to Europe and did not develop in other parts of the world until much later.” And with the discovery that the 40,000 years cave paintings in Sulawesi may have developed in Africa, he states “that’s kind of my gut feeling. The basis for this art was there 60,000 years ago. It may even have been there in Africa before 60,000 years ago and it spread with modern humans.”

And Dr. Adam Brumm, who was part of the Sulawesi expedition seems to agree with this, “if Sulawesi is anything to go by, where cave art was first recorded over half a century ago but was assumed to be young, a crucial part of the human story could be right under our noses.”


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  1. bongorocks

    So these cave paintings in Indonesia are 40,000 ,years old. And the Aborigines painting in Australia are also 40,000. years old. It sounds to me that they are playing a very bad record stuck in the same position.

  2. bongorocks

    Last night ,on the news ,I’ve watched, and heard some so called professor explaining in detail the story of these cave paintings, by saying how humans evolved and left Africa over 40,000 years ago, and then spread out ,and that’s how these cave paintings where created.
    So I thought to myself ,this is the modern day beliefs that the sun revolve around the earth, and that the earth is flat.

  3. Tod

    I am sure bongobrains knows more about the age of cave art than carbon dating.

    • bongorocks

      A story always have two sides , But If you want to believe the science fiction side of this one then go right ahead it’s your right.
      It’s about time that such science fiction stories like this one, was scrutinized by real science. instead of just accepting such crap as gospel.
      It is very obvious that carbon dating is nothing more than just a tool of science fiction.

      • stuxnet

        you say, “carbon dating is nothing more than … science fiction.”

        But earlier in time, in this thread you state the earth is “billions of years old”

        How do you know the age of the earth? Is it because the age of the earth has been calculated using radiometric dating which is based on the same principle that you just called science fiction.

        When your own statements contradict, it speaks volumes on the coherency of your thought process which thereby diminishes your credibility. And once you lose credibility, well it’s gone.

      • bongorocks

        No one knows how old the earth is. The earth could be 4 billion years old, or it might even be 10,billion years old . who knows ?
        Carbon dating doesn’t tell us how old the earth is “, carbon dating is not a method that facts are based on, carbon dating is what science fiction is based on.
        WE don’t need carbon dating to tell us how old the earth is. Because the creator kept that secret to himself.
        Genesis 1:V, I says that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…. But it doesn’t say when the beginning took place, which is obviously billions of years ago.
        The six day creation that follows V 1, is not the beginning of creation but a renewal of a new creation ,which took place roughly 6,000 years ago
        The bible is not about religion, it’s a book about another point of view about how everything came into exist .
        As I’VE stated in one of my previous comments ,saying that there is always two sides to a story.
        So I’ll make you a challenge, to prove to you how unreliable carbon dating really is.
        Genesis I V:1 is saying that God created more than one heaven,It says “heavens… But only one earth….IT says earth.
        Also deeper in the bible, the bible reveals that there are three heavens…. It also say that God is up in the third heaven,… also it say that God lives in the highest heaven… So there cannot be a fourth universe. since the highest heaven is the third heaven.
        This bible is saying that there are two more universes out there beside ours.
        ,So how about using the method of carbon dating, to tell us if there really are another two universes out there, beside our own universe ?
        Only time will tell who is right, and not carbon dating.

  4. bongorocks

    Planet earth is billions of years old, There has been two totally different creation as far as we know. One is the prehistoric creation, which included the dinosaurs ,Then we have the new creation as we know it today. There has been millions of years gap between the old creation, and the present creation, These two creations are vastly different from each other , and they have no connections with each other .
    The present creation is roughly six thousand years old.
    By saying that certain paintings are 40,000 years old is just a myth, based on the false theory of evolution.
    No painting can last for 40,000 years without special attention, and a lot of care. and even then a lot of luck helps. is needed
    The cisthen Chapple paintings, of Micheal Angelo are only 500 years old, and they all had to be refurbished a couple of years ago ,because they where dramatically fading away.
    Even art that is a couple of hundred years old today have to be stored in proper artificial climate conditions.


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