According to reports, Zuckerberg is in troubles because of an ongoing court case, which has been filed by one of his ‘would be neighbors.’ Richness and fame can bring a lot of goodies for you but cannot stop the negative waves to interrupt your life. Mark Zuckerberg is famous and owns the largest social media site in the world, but he has to deal with many problems that affect his life negatively.

Mark Zuckerberg's would be neighbor creates troubles for him

What’s The Issue:

It is a known fact that Zuckerberg is not fond of neighbors. He tries his best to make sure that nobody lives next to his residence. A one-time neighbor of this young leader has claimed that Zuckerberg never fulfilled the promises that he made in the past. Reports claim that Zuckerberg and his onetime neighbor Mr. Voskerician entered into a land deal a few years ago.

Zuckerberg offered him some cash and a promise to introduce to prominent personalities who would have potential to turn into excellent future clients. Though the cash amount of $1.7 million was paid in full by Zuckerberg, but he failed to introduce this man to the prominent personalities as he promised.

The issue started when Voskerician bought a property next to Zuckerberg’s estate worth $4.8 million. He claimed that he would build a huge house, which would give him a direct view of Zuckerberg’s master bedroom. Voskerician offered the Facebook founder some part of his property to get rid of this issue and asked for some favor in return.

A cash prize and some non-monetary arrangements were made. When Zuckerberg failed to meet his promises, Mr. Voskerician filed a case against him.

In reply to his legal action, Zuckerberg’s attorney Patrick Gunn said that it’s embarrassing for Zuckerberg, and he would defend his side till the very last. The allegations are baseless and are far from reality.

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