A female artist from Walla Walla attests to the obsession of some owners with their horses. They don’t care if their horses don’t win championships. One artist, from a ranch on Springdale Road, has developed a successful business model based on the rider steed relationship. She is multi talented and can both paint and photograph horses. She works mostly with horse enthusiasts, but she also gets a chance to render famous steeds, like a famous actor’s championship endurance mount, Shur Raff Zi.

This artist considers her work a blessing and a way to have fun. Even as a teen, her interest in horses was sparked. When she turned 11, she began sketching horses and continued for many years. She mastered shading early, which helps her capture the depth of her subjects today. She tries to bring out each horse’s unique personality with each shot. This article on paintings is brought to you by horse portrait oil.

A commissioned paintings begins with a photograph. Adding marks or notes on color are the only sketching she does on site. She says she has encountered really finicky horse owners. Peculiarities might be a certain angle or special mark that must be included.

Some owners love their pets so much that they have facial expressions, wrinkles, and even cowlicks memorized. For many riders, it is more important to portray their horses accurately than with finished touches. Her canvasses and photos are filled with all kinds of breeds and events, even barrel racing and cutting.

Horses in action are harder to render. When they are cantering, for instance, they look terribly awkward in some positions. She believes a telephoto lens best captures a horse in action. Her ultimate high was 15 18 shows per year when she still did horse shows. Thanks for reading about paintings, and get even more articles at make oil paintings from photos.

For some shows she would take photos of the winners, which she would turn into paintings later as prizes. Those photographers who take on shows full time find it easier to develop pictures on the spot with dark rooms in their vans. Even when she did shows, she would still take her work home to her dark room.

She does not stick to just horses and also does other family pets. Because the different breeds of dogs and cats are not in her portfolio, she needs to see them or paint from a good photograph.

Her imagination is ill equipped to give her a good picture of them.

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