New York – Long loving gazes and other expressions of affection between a human being and a dog are some the responses that researchers say would help in creating a bond between them. Dog’s bodies get flooded, with oxytocin which is the hormone of love when they gaze into human eyes.

The more the owners and their dogs look into each other’s eyes the more influx of oxytocin in both. However, it’s rare that you will find this kind of an interaction between wolves and the professionals who have raised them. It is hardly that you will find the presence of oxytocin.


This can clearly be explained by how a baby reacts on a mother’s gaze to whom the child responds with a smile. There is usually an instant release of oxytocin from both of them which ignites the bond.

A separate study which was carried out on different species of dogs reveals that dose of oxytocin in female dogs raises the number of times the dog looks in the eyes of its owner unlike in male dogs. This was observed as 30 dogs interacted with their owners after oxytocin was administered in them.

One of the strongest findings of the study is that humans may express feelings of affection towards their companion dogs the same they feel towards a family member.

Some of these statements and their implications will help in solving evolutionary mysteries. For instance; how two different species having come from the evolutionary tree, live together in a deep relationship while imitating a mother-child relationship.

There is a strong suggestion that humans and dogs grow to care and protect each. This is a positive loop between them that is made possible by the production and reinforcement of oxytocin from and to each of them.

For the longest periods possible, dogs have been entering into the human society and copying their behavior that draws humans together. As it is now the dog-human bond has been referred to as a unique thing.

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