Musicians and sound designers for film, games and live electronic music now have a new supercomputer designed specifically for interactive sound exploration and live performance. The Pacarana and Paca are two new multiprocessor computers optimized for capturing, processing and synthesizing sound for the award-winning Kyma Sound Design Environment. Designed by Symbolic Sound Corporation to serve as a smaller, more affordable and more powerful replacement for the Capybara*320 sound computation engine, the new entry-level system is 5 times more powerful and costs $500 less than the older entry-level configuration. The power of the higher-end model exceeds that of a fully-loaded Capybara*320 but costs far less than half as much.

Kyma, the Paca(rana), and backwards compatibility

Favored by sound designers for its unique set of algorithms, the ease with which one can create endless combinations of sound processing and synthesis algorithms, its reliability during live performances, and the responsiveness of real-time control over sound parameters, the Kyma sound design environment benefits from the new Paca(rana) platforms in the form of more polyphony, denser textures, faster loading times, more memory for live sampling and playback, enhanced portability, refinements in sound quality and the potential for future developments.

Sound designers who have been using Kyma X on the Capybara*320 can open and continue working on their current projects using the new hardware. Switching back and forth between the Capybara and the new hardware is completely transparent, and Symbolic Sound will continue to support Kyma X on the Capybara-320. Kyma users also have the option of keeping their Capybara*320 computer running alongside a new Pacarana, augmenting, rather than replacing, their current hardware.

Smaller, lighter, easily portable

With more sound designers going freelance, more musicians going on tour, and the airlines charging for each checked bag, Symbolic Sound decided to make the Pacarana and Paca small and light enough to fit into a backpack, laptop case or in a small rolling rack. The Pacarana footprint is the same as that of a MacBook Pro 15? (the Paca is about 3 inches shorter) and is 1 rack unit in height: ideal for live performances, working on the road, transporting from home studio to sound stage or from work to home.


On the back of the Paca(rana) are 2 USB ports, 2 FireWire 800 ports, and a DC power plug that connects to an external power supply brick (about the same size as the Mac Mini’s power brick).


Symbolic Sound first revolutionized the sound design and music software industry in 1990 with the introduction of Kyma, a graphical modular software sound design environment accelerated by the software-reconfigurable Capybara multi-processor sound computation engine. The Paca(rana) is the fifth in a series of increasingly powerful sound computation engines designed and produced by Symbolic Sound to work in conjunction with the Kyma sound design environment (now in its sixth major release, not counting the hundreds of free updates between each major release). Symbolic Sound is committed to bringing the most advanced and flexible sound design technology to sound designers, musicians, educators, researchers, game developers, and other creative professionals through its innovative hardware and software offerings.

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