Many races of people have been wiped out of the face of the earth, but researchers have always been able to provide reasons for their disappearance. Many lost tribes have also been known to die out, but scientists once again have always been able to provide proofs of their existence, and destruction. But this is not the case with the Dorset people of Canada and parts of Greenland.

Researchers have been puzzled as to the reasons that make for their disappearance, and continue to accumulate traces of this lost population of remote Canada. The Dorset thrived about 700 years ago, and their civilization and cultures spread to parts of ancient Canada and Greenland; but their disappearance from the face of the earth without any plausible reasons is giving researchers some headaches – but they have been able to come up with some tenable theories though.

The Thule was a thriving people back then and they were more or less neighbors to the Dorset, so some theorists theorize that the Dorset may have assimilated with the Thule people – but there is a hole in this theory – researchers do not find any proof of interracial breeding amongst the two tribes.

The lead author of this study states that “this is surprising because every time people meet each other, we find evidence of sex between the people. But here we have a unique situation, where even though we know they must have been in touch with their neighbors, they chose to live in isolation.” This author was qualified to speak on this because he is an evolutionary biologist from the Center for GeoGenetics of the University of Copenhagen.

Some other scientists believe that the Dorset people were simply wiped out by their harsh environment in the North Atlantic towards the Arctic Ocean. One of them states that “when you’re dealing with sea ice, just a few degrees can be transformative. Three bad winters in a row where you can’t hunt seals, (and) you’re in trouble.” Has the Dorset people been wiped out by hunger and buried in snow? This idea is not totally comprehensible.

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