In a new finding, researchers discovered an astonishing fact about Spinosaurus. The ancient beast was the only known dinosaur adapted to living almost entirely in the water. The legendary dinosaur was bigger than the deadly T-Rex, in fact, Spinosaurus was the biggest known carnivorous dinosaur.

Spinosaurus was first discovered in 1915 by a German paleontologist named Ernst Stromer. The beast had crocodile-like face and had spines on the back that were taller than any human. After some deep research, researchers realized that bones of Spinosaurus were very strange. They were very dense, without the hollow medullary cavity found at the centre of the long bones of the arms and legs in most animals. Dense bones like these are found in marine animals and function as a sort of buoyancy control.

“It is the first dinosaur that shows these incredible adaptations. There is no doubt in my mind that Spinosaurus would have done most of its hunting in the water,” claimed team leader Nizar Ibrahim from University of Chicago in Illinois.

Among other watery adaptations, Spinosaurus has nostrils that are located relatively high on its skull, perhaps so that it could breathe while partly submerged.

“Its teeth are interlocked like a fish trap and its powerful forelimbs could have paddled through the water. Its feet may even have been webbed,” added Simone Maganuco from the Milan museum.

Center of mass of Spinosaurus was towards the front side of his body as compared to T-Rex that had a centre of mass towards the backward side of his body. It would have also helped Spinosaurus in swimming. Almost all the Spinosaurus species ate fishes, aquatic animals and spent almost their entire life in the water.

“You would not want to meet this animal on land, but it was not gallivanting across the landscape,” said study researcher Paul Sereno, a vertebrate paleontologist at the University of Chicago.

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