By the year 2030, Pancreatic Cancer will become the second leading cause of cancer death. This has been the conclusion of the latest study which revealed that Pancreatic Cancer will be the second most common cause of cancer death. Lung Cancer will continue to top the list of cancer fatalities while the third spot will be occupied by liver cancers.

Pancreatic cancer and liver cancer will have replaced breast, prostate and colo-rectal cancers by 2030. Lung Cancer will continue to occupy the top slot. What is worrying is the fact that pancreatic cancer has very poor prognosis and hardly 6% of all pancreatic cancer patients will survive beyond 5 years after diagnosis.

One of the major causes of high fatality associated with pancreatic cancer is the late diagnosis as well as the fast metastasize which are very difficult to stop or retard. There are no reliable tests which will enable the early detection of the disease so that surgery or other methods can be tried out. The researchers opine that increasing number of geriatrics, diabetes, obesity; lethargic life style and smoking are the common causes of increasing number of pancreatic cancer patients.

Some new progress have been made and researchers hope that soon a blood test will be on the anvil which will help to sniff out pancreatic cancer early. Stanford University researchers have found a protein, CD47 which is used by pancreatic and other tumors to protect themselves from being destroyed by the immune system.

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