Wyoming – The U.S. citizens have been religiously following the ritual of vaccination since a long time. But now the new-generation parents are increasingly changing their attitude towards this long-held ideology. Rather than blindly vaccinating their little ones, parents are making choices, to vaccinate or not.

While a major percentage of the U.S. population still believes in vaccination, there exists a small percentage that considers vaccines threat to their children. For instance, Dondi Tondro-Smith, a Jackson Hole resident, decided to keep her child without vaccination. She explained, ” It’s Russian roulette. It may be a million to one, but I can’t live with that statistic.” According to her, vaccines can cause injury to children and thus, decided against it.

Parents in Jackson and Teton opting against vaccination for their children

Right or wrong, but Tondro-Smith find agreement with Emily Nichols, a mother of two from Teton Pass Valley, but to a certain extent. Nichols argued that loading little babies with all the vaccines appear little insane to her. Though rather than completely cutting her child from vaccines, Nichols decided to go easy on the schedule and timeline. However, she is disappointed with the pressure from the surrounding families and the public school system that forced her child to take chicken pox vaccine, which according to Nichols was not necessary.

Meanwhile, it is of view that the decision taken by Tondro-Smith and Nichols are due to the protection available by way of ‘herd immunity’. The medical community describes the term as a protection that unvaccinated people receive when the rest of the population are adequately vaccinated. Experts estimate that 95% of the population of a region needs to be vaccinated to attain herd immunity. Despite all the odds, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have urged the parents to stay on the vaccination route. Travis Riddell, local pediatrician in Teton Pass, said that the current outbreak of measles is a great threat to the U.S. He said that parents not vaccinating their children will leave a devastating effect on personal and community consciences.

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