The moon which we see today is not what it looked like when it was born and it may have turned on its side in space collision many eons ago.

It is believed that the moon was born when a planet the size of Mars crashed on to Earth log ago. Our moon which exhibits the signs of past activity like volcanoes and a frozen magnetic field was left in a molten state after the collision. This explains how the Moon has a core which can generate a magnetic field.

Magnetic Data was obtained from the two orbiters – Lunar Prospector and Kaguva and analyzed by a team of Japanese researchers from 57 sites on the moon. The exercise was carried out to estimate the orientation of the lunar magnetic field during different periods.

The Japanese researchers reported, “We find that the north poles, as well as the antipodal south poles, cluster in two distinct locations: one near the present rotation axis and the other at mid-latitude. The clustering is consistent with a dipole-dominated magnetic field generated in the lunar core by a dynamo that was reversing, much like that of Earth.”

In sharp contrast to the shifting magnetic poles of the Earth which happens gradually, the magnetic field of the moon looks as if it has been adjusted suddenly at one point. The research team has published its findings in the Journal Nature Geoscience. The research team put forth the hypothesis that the sudden change could have been caused by a collision or a gravitational disturbance.

The Moon was once considered as a dead satellite which silently orbits the Earth. It is now confirmed that the Moon has a checkered past with active volcanoes on the surface of the planet and also a strong magnetic field which has been trapped within the rocks and the craters which pepper its surface.


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