If repairs are ever needed for the Enterprise, Captain Kirk will most likely not use his Klongdon darseks, Federation credits or other space currency. However, he might be carrying something closer to home.

On Thursday, the e-commerce business, PayPal that allows for money transfers online from anywhere worldwide, announced it has launched its PayPal Galactic.

The system is intended to make payments in universal space a reality. PayPal Galactic is planning to bring together scientific community leaders to prepare and to support space commerce’s future.

A PayPal spokesperson said that an astronaut living in space for months must still pay his or her bills on Earth as well as for entertainment while up in space.

The spokesperson added that while space is explored and new planets found, astronauts will need to pay for their life back on Earth as well as in space, but how this will be done is not completely clear.

Recently, space tourism projects, which are privately owned, such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, have made advances in opening space exploration experiences to the public.

A Russian company by the name of Orbital Technologies is unveiling plans to launch its own space hotel to open sometime in 2016. Within ten years, people could be traveling to Mars and by the end of 2013 Virgin hopes to have private trips into suborbital space.

Therefore, PayPal teamed with SETI Institute and other scientific community members to answer the many questions about space commerce’s future.

PayPal says with astronauts in space a payment system for space is already needed.

The world is global today with Internet and will soon be galactic if PayPal and its partners have their way.

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