A lung cancer drug made by a pharmaceutical company, Pfizer Inc is showing positive results against rare genetic mutation in the ROS1 gene, according to a report presented by Pfizer at medical meeting, on Saturday. The company is using all of its resources in getting the drug approved by the Food and Drug Department.

For testing, the drug Pfizer included 50 non-small cell lung cancer patients having rearrangement of ROS1 gene. After treating them with the drug, the tumor got shrunk in 36 patients and in nine patients it stopped growing. The drug behaved remarkably well against the disease; even Pfizer was astonished by seeing the performance of the drug. Company hasn’t yet disclosed the name of the drug.

Already there are drugs in the market that can turn off ROS1 gene that tells the body to grow tumors. Xalkori or Crizotinib is a approved drug used in the treatment of patients with ALK gene mutation. With the exceptional result presented by Pfizer at medical meeting, the company is trying to prove that the drug could also cure cancer patients with ROS1 gene.

“Pfizer continues to support clinical research of Xalkori in patients with ROS1 rearrangements to better understand the compound’s activity in this population,” reports Pfizer spokeswoman Sally Beatty.

Xalkori is the best known available solution, for the treatment of patients suffering from non-small lung cancer. The drug has already generated $282 million in sales in 2013 alone and is estimated to generate up to $812 million in 2017.

“We’re hopeful that because of showing how well this drug works in ROS1 patients, this will let pathologists know they need to screen their patients for this genetic abnormality,” says Alice Shaw, study researchers.

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