Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) – A late-stage study and trial of Ibrance breast-cancer drug was delayed by Pfizer as a result of efficacy issues. The halting of the study was tagged to an assessment by an independent data- monitoring committee according to the explanation given by Pfizer.

The breast cancer drug commonly known as palbociclib, is said to be undergoing phase 3 study which is called PALOMA-3 trial.


The trial of drug which was in combination with AstraZeneca Plc’s Faslodex was successful. The patients who were reported to have taken Ibrance with fulvestrant had far better results in disease progression compared to those who had only used fulvestrant.

Ibrace performed far more efficiently in breast progression delay compared to Novartis Ag Femara.

Senior vice president and MD of Clinical Development and Medical Affairs, Mace Rothenberg has stated that the results of the trial will give more insights into the potentiality of Ibrance.

“The more insights there are, the more the improvement of outcomes in patients with this difficult-to-treat cancer,” Rothenberg commented.

Pfizer Oncology’s chief medical officer went further to clarify that they were engaging in discussions with health authorities and regulatory boards on the way forward regarding a regulatory path of this new drug.

Palbociclib may now become a standard treatment approach especially for postmenopausal women suffering from ER+/HER2- metastatic breast cancer.

Ibrance is expected to hit the market with a bang because it will make huge sales being the fact that it has gone through a successful clinical trial. The drug will have its own edge according to an analyst who says that Pfizer will hit a margin of $5B with this new drug.

However, Pfizer, which has being gaining nearly one percent to reach is$35.34 at the New York Stock Exchange is yet to receive data from the PALOMA-2 trials.

Confirmation and regulatory board’s decision to move forward will be a huge encouragement to the drug-makers who will gain momentum in more drug trials.

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