A pharmaceutical company has agreed on compassionate ground to make available an untested drug to a sick 7 year old boy in Memphis. The drug could save the life of the child.

“Glory to GOD! They are releasing the drug for Josh!” the boy’s mother, Aimee Hardy, wrote in a Facebook post after the announcement.

Chimerix pharmaceutical company which is providing the untested drug said that it will allow Josh Hardy to start with the trial of the drug named brincidofovir according to CNN. Chimerix had earlier refused to accede to the request for providing the drug fearing that it will slow the efforts to get the drug into the market.

Nine months old Josh was first diagnosed with a rare form of Kidney cancer which spread to other organs like thymus, lung and bone marrow. Josh defeated cancer every time. However in February he was diagnosed with an adenovirus infection that spread through his body. Josh is battling for his life at the intensive care unit at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis.

After Chimerix refused to provide the untested drug, Josh’s family and supporters embarked on an online and media campaign to generate public opinion which will force Chimerix to change its stand of for all or for none.

His family and supporters spearheaded online and media campaigns to get the drug company to change its decision. Todd Hardy, Josh’s father said that he was informed about Chimerix decision before it was announced publicly.

“It was wonderful,” Hardy said. “Truly wonderful. It was overwhelming.”

Hospital sources said on Tuesday that they expect the drug within 48 hours. The hospital was quick to state that the drug’s safety and efficacy has not been irrefutably established in pediatrics.

St. Jude said Tuesday it expected to receive the drug within 48 hours. The hospital also noted that the drug’s safety and effectiveness has not yet been established for use in children.

The Hospital in a statement said, “It is also important to understand that this remains a critical and complex medical situation. St. Jude will continue to pursue state-of-the-art treatment for Josh and all of our patients. We are grateful for the efforts of Chimerix, the FDA and many others who worked to achieve this outcome. We ask that you continue to keep Josh and his family in your thoughts.”

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