After the picture of a dress which went viral over the internet recently and had the whole world divided into two camps- one consisting of those who thought it was blue and black while an equally large group was convinced it was white and golden, it is now a tabby cat picture which has taken the internet by storm now. The world can’t seem to decide whether the cat is going up or down the staircase!

The newest internet obsession which has been dubbed the #catgate, a black and white picture of a cat in the middle of a staircase has taken the world by frenzy now. Netizens all over the world are scratching their heads- trying to make out where the cat is going! Upstairs or downstairs?

cat image upstairs or downstairs #catgate

Innocuous as the cat might appear, it has sparked off quite a debate after the picture went viral across popular social sites, particularly Facebook- courtesy The picture got 4,000 comments within a short while of it being posted. YouTube was flooded with videos with wannabe scientists attempting to explain the optical illusion.
Everyone seemed to have an explanation for choosing one direction over the other.

One user who seemed to have paid close attention to the design of the stairs was convinced it was going “down because generally the wood would be flat on the horizontal portion of the stairs and the stone is on the back/vertical portion of the stairs.”

Another commenter on Facebook however asserted that the animal is going upwards, attempting to use animal physiology to prove his point. “The cat is going up, the tail is used to balance the body of the cat and in this case the tail is elevated upwards so that when the cat uses its rear legs to push up, it pushes parallel to the line on which gravity is working on the tail to stabilize itself.”

Others looked at the light in the white background to make their case while some thought the key was the framing of the picture.

“It’s clearly up, you just have to imagine the camera in a different angle,” wrote one user.

For all of us who can’t seem to decide where the furry creature is going, it is best to assume that it is not going anywhere rather than losing sleep over it or getting a headache trying to figure THIS out!

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  1. elho

    Pretty obviously going down the stairs. For it to be walking up the stairs, it would have to be pointing straight up and walking on the vertical part of the stairs, which is clearly impossible.


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