In 2012, physicists had made an important discovery with the help of the CERN’s Large Hardon Collider (LHC). The device had successfully made the discovery it was designed to make- the Higgs boson. However, in 2013, the LHC had gone offline because it needed some major upgrades. And now, after the couple of years of work on the device, physicists are prepared to conduct the second round of trial with the LHC soon.


With the initial trail of the LHC, physicists had ascertained that there was a host of information that still needs to be discussed. The need was boosted after the machine stimulated the appearance of the universe less than one billionth of a second post the Big Bang. With the discovery of the Higgs boson, hysicists had got hold of the last piece of information to understand the Standard Model of particle physics. The theory has helped them accurately predict the subatomic world for several years.

Although the Standard Model explained how atoms are held together and how they interact, it still failed to address issues like gravity and dark matter. To develop a further understanding, workers spent two years in upgrading the LHC by adjusting the powerful magnets that direct the particle beams. Now, in the second round of the experiments with the LHC, it would be capable of smashing the protons together with 60% more energy. The more the energy, the more there will be for CERN physicists to learn. The seocnd trials are scheduled to be held in the spring of 2015.

In this context, CERN spokesperson Dave Charlton commented that physicals have no idea what they might discover this time. However, physicists are hoping to discover evidence of supersymmetry, an idea that build further on the Standard Model. The theory that there is an identical twin of every particle ever discovered has helped them explain what they failed to explain otherwise.

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