Want to become Steve Jobs? The simplest way for Apple employees is to take admission in an Apple University as the company aims to train its employees to become like Steve Jobs. In one of the classes called “What makes Apple, Apple” the professor showed Apple employees a slide of 78-button remote that controlled Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) TV and after then he compare it with a 3-button Apple TV remote.

Although the Apple team are not required to enroll in the university established by Jobs, it is recommended for them to sharpen their skills for better performance. These universities started when the company was flourishing, and technology was changing rapidly and soon after it morphed into a major training component for the company.Bloomberg stated this February to the former dean of the Yale School of Management, Joel Podolny, who was recruited by Steve Jobs in 2008 to create Apple University.


“Apple University is an increasingly important resource within the company as we continue to grow,” stated Apple spokesperson Kristin Huguet to Bloomberg in a statement at the time, adding that Podolny would be “developing and scaling the university he helped establish.”


“Apple employees are discouraged from talking about the company in general, and the classes are no exception. No pictures of the classrooms have surfaced publicly,”said Brian X.


Chen a reporter who was allowed in the interview reported “On an internal website available only to Apple staff members, employees sign up for courses tailored to their positions and backgrounds. For example, one class taught founders of recently acquired companies how to blend resources and talents smoothly into Apple. The company may also offer a course tailored specifically to employees of Beats, perhaps including its founders, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Neither Apple nor Beats would comment,”

It appears that the main concept of the university is to teach the basics of core apple by Steve Jobs

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