Much of the world has been watching the news to see updates on the worsening crisis in Gaza, but astronaut Alexander Gerst has been able to see conflict from space.

The German flight engineer, who is currently in the middle of a six-month stay on the International Space Station (ISS), was able to capture images of the missiles flying over Gaza and Israel. The rockets are so bright that he was actually able to take the pictures from 200 miles over Earth.

The images were uploaded onto Alexander Gerst’s Twitter and shared with his thousands of followers. He posted two images, one with an English caption and another with a German caption. He noted that it was his “saddest photo yet.”

The streams of light in the photo look like they might be the trajectory of rockets, although Israel newspaper Haaretz has said it might be showing “Iron Dome interceptions or the explosion of Israeli munitions.”

The brighter, splotchier patches of light are most likely explosions. Any other lights shown are from cities, driving home the fact that the missiles are decimating homes and slaughtering hundreds of people.

So far, as many as 700 Palestinians, most of whom are civilians, have been killed in the last 17 days of the ongoing conflict. Israel has thus far lost 32 soldiers fighting Hamas inside Gaza.

The United Nations is considering charging Israel’s military with war crimes, although it is not yet known if that will happen.

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