Chile – Scientists have come up, with a new 3D image of Hubble Space Telescope’s Pillars of Creation. It is a clear evidence that the Pillars of Creation are likely to disappear in another three million years. It may be a long duration for ordinary matters, but not when it comes to astronomical terms.


What’s In These Images:

Scientists can easily see a lot of stars that were never seen in the past. All these stars are surrounded by thick clouds of cosmic gases. They include a lot of details about their orientation in the space. A few days back, astronomers published these details along with a new video that talk about the formation of these Pillars Of Creation.

Year 1995 was the first time when Hubble Space Telescope captured these Pillars Of Creation for the first time and made them famous in all over the world. While releasing its software updates lately, Hubble also set forth HD image of these Pillars and quite a few other objects.

When the 3D image is looked upon closely, one can notice finger like cosmic protrusions in the image. These protrusions are made of gas and hot dust that are part of a bigger and fertile region named Eagle Nebula.

Most of these massive stars are so energy dense and powerful that they end up burning into gas clouds in the nebula. As a result of this, strong radiation waves and stellar winds come out and disperse the gases. As soon as the powerful radiations and winds push down these dense gases, the Pillars of Creation face this massive energy from stars.

Astronomers have come up with a solution that Pillars of Creation are being eaten slowly and steadily by these gas clouds using Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer. MUSE is attached to a large telescope of ESO in Chile. If they continue losing their energy at the current rate, they will be gone forever in the next three million years.

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