Lindt Coffee café in Martin Place is all over the news as 40 people have been held hostage by at least one gunman inside the building. As per the reports, one or two gunmen entered the café in the morning. Following the incident, the police have taken the charge and started with its operations to rescue those trapped inside.

Australian PM Tony Abbott and the Opposition leader, Bill Shorten, released their official statements on the Sydney seize. PM Tony Abbott called the perpetration as a “disturbing incident.” He said that the reasons behind the attack are still not known, but it can be a politically motivated incident. There are some people in the society who wants to create a nuisance. However, the government has well-prepared professional security organizations and police to handle such contingency situations.

PM Abbott urged the Australian people to stay calm and continue with their normal routines without any fear. He said that it is a tough time where utmost attention should be paid on the people who are held as hostage inside the Lindt café.

Opposition leader, Bill Shorten addressed the media and expressed his concern towards the imprisoned people in café. He said that all the prayers and thoughts are with the innocent people and their families who have to face this distressing tough time. He expressed his confidence in the police and security agencies. He even said that he has spoken to PM Abbott and is with him in all possible ways to solve the problem. The opposition is ready to offer all kind of support it can for keeping people safe.

The families of the hostages are expressing their concerns as the police continue their operations. Following the incident, the government has order to evacuate the people from the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Both the places will remain closed till the time the police and security agencies gets clarity on the news of a suspicious package prevailing after the incident.

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