Amanda Bynes, the troubled actress, was arrested on Thursday at her apartment in New York after police allege she attempted to destroy evidence regarding her use of drugs.

Officers came to her midtown apartment on Thursday after being called by the building’s doorman who reported the actress was in the lobby smoking marijuana, talking to herself and acting very erratic.

When police arrived, the actress returned to her apartment on the 36th floor. When officers entered Bynes’ apartment they said it reeked of the smell of marijuana and they saw a bong. Police allege that Bynes took the bong, an apparatus for smoking marijuana, and tossed it out her window.

Police then arrested her for reckless endangerment, criminal marijuana possession and tampering with evidence.

When she was arrested by police, Bynes had a platinum blonde wig on. She became agitated and started yelling at the police officers asking if they knew who she was.

Before the police booked Bynes, they took her to Roosevelt Hospital so she could undergo psychiatric evaluation. She was due in court in front of a judge sometime Friday.

Two weeks ago in California, Bynes was in court pleading no contest for driving with a suspended license. She was sentenced to summary probation of three years. Bynes also has a charge pending for DUI in a court in Beverly Hills.

The former star on Nickelodeon has had a rough couple of years. She raised many eyebrows when she released nude photos online and was flirting sexually with Drake, a rapper. She also had a Twitter war of words with Jenny McCarthy the VHI star and former Playmate for Playboy.

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