With the decomposing bodies of over 500 adult and juvenile sea lions littering the Peruvian beach, Peru’s environmental police are now investigating what could have led to the sudden mass deaths of the sea animals. Dotting the beach 250 miles north of Lima, the bodies of the dead sea lions is causing a bit of agonized confusion with local authorities.

A lot of conspiracy theories are also flying around in the wind regarding the inexplicable death of the sea lions. Considered endangered marine mammals, a local governor is of the mind that local fishermen and marine farmers caused the mass deaths of the sea lions – because they are always competing with the sea lions for their food – shellfish; and another school of thought believes that the sea lions were certainly poisoned to have died in such large numbers within a short space of time.

Environmental authorities also think that it is quite possible that the sea lions died as a result of some disease transmitted from introduced species, and some people think that ingesting large amounts of plastic contaminants from the world’s oceans could have resulted in the death of the sea lions. The sight of the hundreds of dead sea lions presents a pitiable sight, and environmental police are still investigating the cause of the marine animals.

It must be recalled that a similar incident had occurred earlier this month, when over 200 bodies of sea lions, pelicans, turtles, and dolphins among others washed ashore further north in the Peruvian beach. It is not quite clear if this latest marine deaths has any connection with the deaths that occurred earlier this month in the same area.

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