A police officer from the campus police department at the University of South Alabama fatally shot a student who was naked, acting erratically and in a manner that threatened the officer. The shooting took place on Saturday on the Mobile, Alabama campus after police heard someone banging on a window at the police station.

One of the officers went to investigate the noise and discovered Gilbert Thomas Collar, a freshman who was 18-years of age. Collar was naked and acting erratically police reported on the school’s official website. The post on the website also described Collar as being muscular.

The website post said that the individual repeatedly challenged the officer verbally and made repeated rushes toward the officer in a fighting challenging stance. The officer allegedly drew his gun and ordered Collar to stop, while retreating, but Collar would not listen and continued to act in a threatening manner.

Collar, at one point, kneeled for just a moment and then rushed at the officer one last time. When Collar did not heed the commands to stop made by the police officer, the officer shot Collar in the chest. Collar struggled for a short time, collapsed and then died.

The name of the officer has not been released, but he has been placed on administrative paid leave while an investigation takes place. The university made the post as a crime alert on its Internet site’s homepage.

The county sheriff’s office and the district attorney will conduct individual investigations into the shooting death of Collar.


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