Wedding Ring?

A palace spokesman confirmed that only one ring will be used in the up and coming wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. And that ring will be not be worn by Prince William.

This is a tradition that dates back 90 years and also has Miss Middleton wearing a ring made from rare Welsh gold.

This is not uncommon in the world of royal weddings. For example Prince Charles didn’t wear a wedding ring during his marriage to Princess Diana.

So how is Prince William handling the entire wedding process? He admitted to the media during an interview at the RAF base in north Wales that he had some wedding jitters.

Honestly, who wouldn’t have jitters? This is going to be one of the most publicized events in all of 2011. The pressure for the Royal Family to pull off a perceived flawless wedding is huge. Not to mention for the young couple to handle the new found public attention. While the royal family is used to this type of media attention. It will be interesting to see if Miss Middleton will be able to handle it.


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