Video gaming has certainly come a long way since the likes of Space Invaders infiltrated our arcades in the 1980s.

But the latest advances in virtual reality technology look set to blow the recent innovations in next-gen consoles out of the water, as from online casinos to sports simulations, there looks to be no limit as to what VR can do.

VR in the home


Until recently, virtual reality has been something of a plaything for the world’s tech elite, with the likes of Oculus Rift being capable of offering an intense three-dimensional experience that unfortunately required a fair degree of skill to be able to operate properly.

However, 2016 looks to be the year that virtual reality makes its first steps to becoming a household item with both the Sony PlayStation VR and HTC Vive devices being first in line to open up this potentially hugely-lucrative consumer market.

Virtual reality gaming opportunities

As virtual reality devices are able to artificially create 3D environments, many have stated that first-person shooter games would be on the forefront of the virtual gaming revolution. But we’ve already seen a wide range of VR games such as EVE: Valkyriepromising three-dimensional dogfights that should prove to be radically-affecting for the new gaming generation.

Even traditional games such as the table games at the Royal Vegas Casino website could be aided with a little virtual assistance. In particular, their games of virtual poker would gain an extra level of atmosphere by allowing the gamer to walk around the various poker rooms and interact with the real-life dealer in a perfect simulation of the casino environment.

The limitations of virtual reality


However, for certain games such as the slots games at Royal Vegas Casino, there would be very little benefit to having to wear a cumbersome headset in order to play such games. Much of these games’ appeal lies in the fact that they can easily be played on a mobile device whilst watching television, for example. And as a result the virtual reality’s fabled ‘immersive experience’ would be lost on such simple pleasures.

Furthermore, many people who have had the opportunity to experience virtual reality devices have reported feelings of nausea and headaches after a short VR session. So whilst the virtual reality devices can offer a startling glimpse into our gaming futures, when it comes to simple games of slots and conquering issues of motion-sickness, it seems that VR may have some way to go.

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