London police have had to remain on standby in order to respond to any further protests by people prior to the start of the G8 Summit.

On Tuesday, police arrested 57 people after a day that saw police raid a building that was not in use but occupied by the protesters. They also marshaled demonstrations taking place in West End.

The Metropolitan police said it had gained intelligence that people had planned to gather at around 2:00 pm local time and urged for people’s cooperation. Groups are hoping to target military companies that are private.

On Monday, the group StopG8 said it was planning an entire week of what they called a “Carnival Against Capitalism,” prior to the summit to be held next week with world leaders present in Northern Ireland.

In a statement, Scotland Yard announced its officers would be deployed in key locations as well as acting as flexible reserves throughout London that are able to move quickly to respond at once to any incident.

A member of one city council told reporters that the events of Tuesday demonstrated that, as always, a small number of protesters are intent on turning a protest of legitimate means into one of confrontation.

Disarm DSEi, announced it was targeting companies, through the use of “anti-militarists,” that seek to earn profits in situations where military conflict is present.

On Tuesday, local police entered a building that formerly was used by police after learning that protesters were staying there. The police used force to get in and removed the protesters.

Arrests by police were made in the raid including possession of weapons, assault on police officers, criminal damage, refusal to remove face coverings and the possession of materials with the intention of committing criminal damage.

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